Saturday, May 28, 2005


"I am grateful. I have turned on all lights within. My grateful heart opens the way to the flow and becomes an attractive force to draw to itself great things."

I am using this affirmation today. I have been using affirmations daily for sometime now and they seem to work really good. I borrowed this affirmation from one of the pages in Eric Butterworth's Spiritual Economics book. Very powerful, inspiring and illuminating. A transformative discurse on how we attract or repel abundance, and prosperity. He is talking about the kind of prosperity that is above and beyond material and economic prosperity. A must read for those that want to achieve higher levels of consciousness and raise above negative and limited thinking...

Spiritual Economics


Journey said...

I am currently reading The Dynamics of Healing, Katherine Ponder. I think you would like this too if you like Eric Butterworth.

Godsdragon said...

Really? that is cool. I took a class at the church I go to based on that same book...We must be in sinc...;)