Friday, July 01, 2005

1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert

1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert

The greatest Event on Earth

Hard to believe it really happened. A quarter of a century ago!. The folks in this picture are probably onto bigger and better things by now, if not, bless their hearts. They represent patriotic America, an America were almost everything and anything within reason goes... The times have changed though... Back then it was Vietnam... These days it is called the war on Terrorism. A big difference in circumstances, economic terrain and other variables.

The Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 drew more than
450,000 people to a pasture in Sullivan County. For four days, the site became a
countercultural mini-nation in which minds were open, drugs were all but legal
and love was "free". The music began Friday afternoon at 5:07pm August 15 and
continued until mid-morning Monday August 18. The festival closed the New York
State Thruway and created one of the nation's worst traffic jams. It also
inspired a slew of local and state laws to ensure that nothing like it would
ever happen again. Quoting from Article.

So, I just thought and felt like reminding myself of what is and what can be, without the mind altering stuff, without the insanity,without cops without immorality or ultra right morality... What can we remember from the late sixties that can bring us hope in these turbulent times we are embracing... Wow, I remember reading on a groovy poster... Arms are for hugs not for war... But can we afford not to defend ourselves this time? Is there another way to deal with the Thug-ship and nip them in the bud? All I have to do is think back about that infamous September 11
and ask myself... Is there really a chance?