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RE: Asshole husband/controlling ...................(marriage for life)

RE: Asshole husband/controlling ...................(marriage for life): "RE: Asshole husband/controlling ...................(marriage for life)

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Date: 2005-07-31, 8:50AM PDT

To the person who asked for thoughts about the state of the union of kick-ass marriages or marriages in general. I believe marriage is a sacred union and should be for life.

If you had any doubts about it lasting 'till death do us part', then, it is my belief that you should not take that walk down the aisle.

Even if a marriage produces the greatest kids in the world, the best companionship in the world for a period of time and dies out, it is a failure only when the separation and divorce occurs. Should they continue to try to salvage the union, they may not be getting 'A's but they are still getting passing grades. Marriage is the sacred union between a man and a woman. Not the production of children.

Though I am a failure, I still believe that marriage should last a life time. It is unfortunate that it is not till we get older that we discover what truly matters in life. Life is a choice of priorities! When a person chooses someone who will fulfill his needs, not just his wants, he will have made a good choice and the chances of his marriage lasting a life time is in the extremely high percentile.

Marriage takes a lot of work, giving and taking. Like all things in life changes, so must we in marriage. I finally admitted failure after 30 years of marriage, not all of wedded bliss, but 15 years of hard work and mediation.

To all the married readers of this post. I ask that each time that you are feeling frustrated and angry, think back to the day that you stood together and was about to slip that ring over the other's finger. Think of how you Think of how you felt when you looked into the other's eyes. Love, honor, respect like you did then."

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