Saturday, October 29, 2005

When I feel insane...

Music soothes my soul… Here’s a favorite:

Crosby Stills Nash Young >> Chicago

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Nash, 1970
Though your brother’s bound and gagged
And they’ve chained him to a chair
Won’t you please come to Chicago
Just to sing
In a land that’s known as freedom
How can such a thing be fair
Won’t you plaese come to Chicago
For the help we can bring
We can change the world -
Re arrange the world
It’s dying to get better
Politicians sit yourself down,
There’s nothing for you here
Won’t you please come to Chicago
For a ride
Don’t ask Jack to help you
Cause he’ll turn the other ear
Won’t you please come to Chicago
Or else join the other side
We can change the world -
Re arrange the world
It’s dying if you believe in justice
It’s dying and if you believe in freedom
It’s dying let a man live it’s own life
It’s dying rules and regulations, who needs them
Open up the door
Somehow people must be free
I hope the day comes soon
Won’t you please come to Chicago
Show your face
From the bottom to the ocean
To the mountains of the moon
Won’t you please come to Chicago
No one else can take your place
We can change the world -
Re-arrange the world
It’s dying if you believe in justice
It’s dying and if you believe in freedom
It’s dying let a man live it’s own life
It’s dying rules and regulations, who needs them
Open up the door
We can change the world

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The following is a list of useful links dealing with disaster preparedness:

Hurricane Preparedness Week: The goal of this Hurricane Awareness Web site is to inform the public about the hurricane hazards and provide knowledge which can be used to take ACTION. This information can be used to save lives at work, home, while on the road, or on the water.

Be Prepared: Throughout this Web site, information has been provided regarding actions that you can take based on specific hurricane hazards. The most important thing that you can do is to be informed and prepared. Disaster prevention includes both being prepared as well as reducing damages (mitigation).

Disaster Prevention should include: - Hurricane Central - Hurricane Central

Hurricane Central
Hurricane Wilma winds now 175 mph!

5:28 a.m. ET 10/19/2005
Matthew Newman, Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wilma Now a Hurricane, May Threaten Fla.

2005 Season Sets Additional Records

Wilma became the 12th hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season on Tuesday over the northwestern Caribbean Sea. This season now shares the record for the most hurricanes in one season with 1969. On Monday, Wilma became the season's 21st named storm, tying the seasonal record first set in 1933. Hurricane records date back to 1851. Wilma also is the final name on the 2005 list of storm names. Any additional tropical storms and hurricanes that form this season will be classified by the NOAA National Hurricane Center using the Greek alphabet, beginning with Alpha. Doing so would be a first since the naming of storms began in 1953.

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Parts of America are as Poor as Third World

One of the places I Stumble Upon, has a variety of interesting and exotic as well as informative sites to look at and read. Here is an article I found at mr-infomaniac's weblog regarding a report that came out from the UN.
It is no longer news I think for those of us that live here, but perhaps it could be for some that might not be quit in touch with reality.
I can relate to denial for I grew up in an environment were denial was, and still is a way of life...

Friday, September 30, 2005
UN Hits Back at US in Report Saying Parts of America are as Poor as Third World
Published on Thursday, September 8, 2005 by the lndependent/UK
UN Hits Back at US in Report Saying Parts of America are as Poor as Third World
by Paul Vallely
Parts of the United States are as poor as the Third World, according to a shocking United Nations report on global inequality.
Claims that the New Orleans floods have laid bare a growing racial and economic divide in the US have, until now, been rejected by the American political establishment as emotional rhetoric. But yesterday's UN report provides statistical proof that for many - well beyond those affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - the great American Dream is an ongoing nightmare.

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Cause Change

The status quo may be comforting, but for there to be growth, there must be change. Since you seek growth, you must seek change. You must see yourself and your environment not only as it is, but also as it could and should be. You seek the changes necessary to reach the better you so that you can play your part in making a better world.
First, you change yourself. Can you change your day and spend more time with your family? Can you change your standard lunch routine and take a walk? Can you change your drive home and stop at a nursing home for twenty minutes and see someone who may have few visitors? Can you change your office habits and find the time to make five more phone calls? What are the possible consequences of not changing? Realize that many people don’t make plans because they don’t want to risk any change. Doing little with your life is much easier and safer than taking risks, but then you will be a small person. Instead, seek the changes which will allow you to be all that you can

Wow, that is an order that is tough to follow sometimes. My life changed dramatically the moment I decided to go into business for myself. I am no longer bound by a clock and a hierarchy of people asking me and telling me to do things their way for the benefit of their company or place of business. However, I am still boud by other variables, perhaps more stringent than the ones “I thought I left” behind. I am bound by my customers, I am also bound not as much by a clock anymore but by the amount of productive output I generate. Sometimes I generate a lot of things that perhaps are not necessary, but a lot of times I feel that the things I generate are helpful not only to me but to others, regardless of the financial rewards that I thought might be involved in the process.
I like a challenge. I like change. Sometimes changing a routime or a behavior is really difficult.
Change is the only thing I have been guaranteed in life. We are changing the moment we are born into this world (even when in our mother’s woumb) we still are changing even after death…
One of the things I have learned is that I have to cause change in me first, in order to even attempt to change something or someone outside of myself…
I also need to find balance between action and inaction, but I suspect that Bill already has talked about it in a different Action Principle.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Great way to learn about reality...

I have been attending Socrates Cafe meetings at a couple of different places within my community, and they are excellent ways to get to know reality and likeminded people. I was just at the library today and skimmed Christopher Phillips’ book “Socrates Cafe”...Basically, the Socratic method of learning is one of asking questions about th enature of reality and about anything we want to learn more about…I will start by asking the five basic questions he asked in his book.WHAT IS THE QUESTION?
Yes, really, the question is what can be asked that generates enough interest in a topic so as to creeate enough interest for otherse to ask other questions as well. How about

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Get Tough.

Tough means that you are willing to stand tall and persevere. Even when your mind and body signal perfectly good reasons for giving up, you go on. This tough is obvious. But tough can be seen every day if we choose to look. Tough may be a patient undergoing cancer treatments or a single mother struggling to raise children. Tough can be an alcoholic ready to face rehab or an athlete living in a wheelchair. Tough can be rejecting false praise and honestly accepting you and your children for who and what you are. Tough is an ability to make the best from what you are given. Tough is making the decision to replace self-pity, complaints and dependence with self-reliance, independence and action.
You’ve got to be tough to do the big things in life like taking risks, admitting mistakes, and changing bad habits. You’ve got to be tough to do the little things like biting your tongue, waiting your turn and putting up with fools. Self-reliance and self-confidence will demand your toughness. Then, you must temper toughness with kindness, realizing that many times it will be tough to be kind. Be kind anyway.

Tough! Yeah! when I think of tough, I remember the hard sessions of sweat at the dojang where I trained about 4 times a week for about an hour and 15 minutes a crack.
Sometimes it was so strainning that had to stop the session to gasp for breath and prevent choking on vomit!
I remember leaving the training hall to get dressed again and my face would still be red from all the blood pumped as a result of the extreme cardiovascular and aerobic workout. I remember the dobak uniform being completely saturated wet with sweat, including the whole belt…I remember the slabs of wood under my feet slowly begin to feel very slipery as a result of drips of sweat thru the entire session.
Did that teach me anything? You bet! It taught me to work hard for what I want, It taught me to understand that nothing in life comes easy, not even health of mind and body, and that if I want something, I better keep my focus on the goal, work towards the goal the best I can, and practice, practice, practice…
As Bill from also said, there are other aspects of toughness out there for you and me to see: tough can be the homeless dude waiting for a coin or two middle of a sunny and hot day, amidst the red light waiting traffic, tough also is having a birth defect that prevents you from swallowing properly and having to have a handkerchief at hand at all times because you cannot contain your saliva or swalllow it if it becomes excess in your mouth, tough can be being told you have cancer and that your time left to live is limited, tough is having to tell your child that he is going to have to go to bed because there is no more food in the house (if there is still a house), tough is being wheelchair bound for life, having cerebral palsy, tough is facing a world that can be so mean and cruel to people that are perfectly normal otherwise, but are hard of hearing, or have a muscular defect that makes them look as if they have a mental disability…... so many other tough definitions, I could spend the entire night writing…

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Is Positive News Really An Oxy-Moron?
Hello Welcome to PNN, the Positive News Network™
PNN-The Positive News Network provides you with an alternative news service that reports on positive stories, events and solutions. We are also dedicated to finding, celebrating and promoting people from all walks of life who are making a Positive contribution to their communities, locally, nationally and internationally.

Now many people have told me "it won't work", Positive news is an “oxy-moron" but universally many, many more people have said "oh we need that" and I agree with the later group. We understand that the chances of us putting any news organization out of business are slim...for now. However, we are committed to offering you an alternative to the prevailing philosophy of "if it bleeds, it leads" which pervades our news today.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

BusinessPundit: A Blog About Business

BusinessPundit: A Blog About Business: "Why Blog?

I agree with this. Blogging helps me discover what I think.

I also agree with who agrees with him...Bogging expands your horizons, it is like fertilizer to your neurones...(in a nice sense of the word..he he he)

Kid's stuff...

A friend posted this at a forum and I thought it is priceless!

Seen some of these before but they still make me laugh!


( 1 ) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.
-- Alan, age 10

( 2 ) No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with.
-- Kirsten, age 10


( 1 ) Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then.
-- Camille, age 10

( 2 ) No age is good to get married at. You got to be a fool to get married.
-- Freddie, age 6 (very wise for his age)


( 1 ) You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids.
-- Derrick, age 8


( 1 ) Both don't want any more kids.
-- Lori, age 8


( 1 ) Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough.
-- Lynnette, age 8 (isn't she a treasure)

( 2 ) On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.
-- Martin, age 10 (wise beyond his years)


( 1 ) I'd run home and play dead. The next day I would call all the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in all the dead columns.
-- Craig, age 9


( 1 ) When they're rich.
-- Pam, age 7

( 2 ) The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn't want to mess with that.
-- Curt, age 7

( 3 ) The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It's the right thing to do.
-- Howard, age 8 (this one has very good morals)


( 1 ) I don't know which is better, but I'll tell you one thing. I'm never going to have s*x with my wife. I don't want to be all grossed out.
-- Theodore, age 8

( 2 ) It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them.
-- Anita, age 9 (bless you child)


( 1 )There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn't there?
-- Kelvin, age 8

And the #1 Favourite is........


Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a truck.
-- Ricky, age 10

Monday, October 03, 2005

Third Age has now a blog!

Hello. I thought I'd make a late anouncement anyway, just in case you did not know already. has now a blog!
Thirdage is a dear place to me. It is there I learned HTML basics and intermediary. It is there that I was able to create one of my first web pages, which is still preety functional...The other two places I built web pages for free, have now closed their doors on me cause I did not upgrade...Well, too bad for them, for now I can always praise and give credit were credit is due, and brag about the wonderful people thaqt manage and serve at
Here is the excerpt I got in the mail (I am subscribed to their newsletter):
Join the Online Conversation!
We've launched our very own cocktail party -- a ThirdAge blog -- and we've invited some of the best "conversationalists" in relationships and dating, career and legacy planning, and health and wellness to sound off. You're invited to join your favorite experts, chime in, ask questions and share your experiences.