Monday, October 03, 2005

Third Age has now a blog!

Hello. I thought I'd make a late anouncement anyway, just in case you did not know already. has now a blog!
Thirdage is a dear place to me. It is there I learned HTML basics and intermediary. It is there that I was able to create one of my first web pages, which is still preety functional...The other two places I built web pages for free, have now closed their doors on me cause I did not upgrade...Well, too bad for them, for now I can always praise and give credit were credit is due, and brag about the wonderful people thaqt manage and serve at
Here is the excerpt I got in the mail (I am subscribed to their newsletter):
Join the Online Conversation!
We've launched our very own cocktail party -- a ThirdAge blog -- and we've invited some of the best "conversationalists" in relationships and dating, career and legacy planning, and health and wellness to sound off. You're invited to join your favorite experts, chime in, ask questions and share your experiences.

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