Wednesday, June 29, 2005


This is the 5th time this week that I come accross the thought of John Lennon's Imagine... So here is an article that really shines on and because of his living soul...
We all Shine on: Lennon's Legacy

Here are some of his biographical facts on Wikipedia

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Comments trackback
Commenting on John Lennon's lyrics post...


Today just wrapping up. Very productive, as a matter of fact, very high energy, as I have just completed a course in safety boating with my wonderful wife. Her mother, the inspiration. Member of the Windlasses team here in the west coast of sunny and beautiful Florida. Winner of many a competition and always eager to sail whenever the chance and the opportunity appeared before her. Today, she has been gone now for 2 years, and we still miss her...
Today was a day marked by the full realization of the benefits of meditating to achieve amongst many things: peace of mind, serenity, concentration, focus, and a myriad of healthy physiological effects.

Success and Motivation - You only have to be right once! - Blog Maverick - _

Success and Motivation - You only have to be right once! - Blog Maverick - _


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Spaced duded: When I do the right thing...

Ok, so this is what happens when I do the right thing...

Spaced duded: When I do the right thing...

A quote about friendship...

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
Marcel Proust

I thought this to be very appropiate to post here at 43T…

Monday, June 27, 2005


I like the mottoe for this blog... That really is what good friends are...


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Friday, June 24, 2005

an old battle strategy: Divide and Conquer

Ok, so here we have someone that believes in what they are talking about, knows what he is talking about and wants to help someone like me feel that I am not alone in this thing called speaking against the madness...

e.thePeople : Article : Succumbing to an old battle strategy: Divide and Conquer

Fine for pencil and paper or other personal goals

While being realistic is a fine endeavor, I have to admit that having S-M_A^R*T goals is a fine daily practice. As far as 43T is concerned, the goals serve better when they are short sweet and to the point. That does not mean that I have to set things in stone and not find ways to measure my progress to some goals. It means that for practicallity (SP) purposes, nice short sweet and to the point for a percentage of those goals is just fine…
I am grateful there are folks out there that looked into this further, and hope they continue to develop their own style while considering other ideas for goal writing etc.

Spaced duded: Talking about CareerJournal

And I thought I was the only one that thought about these things...Damn where was I when everything happened?...

Spaced duded: Talking about CareerJournal How and Why We Lie at the Office: Pilfered Pens to Padded Accounts

Thursday, June 23, 2005

United Communities of Spirit

In looking for a way to go get some restfull sleep, I came accross an old subscription of mine.
There I fould these Universal thoughts on prayer...

United Communities of Spirit

Divide and Conquer

A common denominator among the successful is that they are focused on the immediate accomplishment of specific objectives. Separate the important from the urgent and allow time for both. Break down any large task into a series of small tasks and start taking action. In the beginning, don’t be too concerned with how you will achieve your goals. With commitment, research and patience, the means will come. Answers materialize when the facts have been collected. Your goals will evolve into a set of action-oriented objectives, which will become a series of to-dos.
Now prioritize. If you don’t prioritize your day’s activities, everything is of equal importance. Whether one thing gets done or not doesn’t matter. You want your activities to be important, to have had a clearly defined purpose. Write your to-do list every day. Prioritize it. Make at least one of your daily objectives a challenge. At the end of each day, you’ll be able to relax and bask in that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

I quote from Success Principles

Spaced duded: I am nauseated...

Spaced duded: I am nauseated...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I did.

Lots of people with good great goals right here at!

Thursday, June 16, 2005


In particular, I like the questionaire towards the end of the blog


Today I acknowledge my successes, enjoy them, and build on them.
Today I know I am a success. I enjoy being who I am and build on this wonderful feeling and knowledge.
I may not be who I thought I was going to be. I may be something different to other people. But, I know that I am success. Success lives in my heart where there are no moths or rust. Nothing gets corrupted there. It is a place of Peace. A place of Wisdom, A place of Knowledge. A place where God lives.

Today I act with assurance, confidence and grace.
I am sure that God is guiding me every step of the way. I am confident in my ability to carry on until the end. I know I am given grace, moment by moment to continue the road. Each of my steps is now guaranteed to succeed. Each step I take leads me to my destination. One filled with Peace, Love, Success, Freedom and Happiness.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Who Cares?...I do.

Who cares? I do.
The question stems from the thought that maybe nobody cares to know anybody else's thoughts unless you already are friends with the person or at least know them already. Also it is possible that if someone is eager to meet with the person disclosing of themselves there is a possibility that both parties might be interested in disclosing of themselves or wanting the other party to open up and let himself or herself come out...
But there is the strange practice in blogging these days that allows whoever is behind the screen to mask their personality and allow themselves to be someone with attributes and personality at times completely opposed to who and what they are.
Why do people do this?
An article titled A little white lie never hurt anyone right? ( proposes several instances that indicate concealing your real name, your location and your personal data, among other things is really not lying. However, in according to the author of that essay, there are instances were we believe lying is in fact detrimental to others, and , ultimately, to ourselves.
Here is their quote:

The first thing you do when you enter an online chat room is conceal your
identity. You use a chat nickname, not your real name. Is that lying?


It is not a lie because for safety reasons kids (and adults too) should
not give out any information that could identify you to strangers. Online -
everyone is a stranger.

Does it stop there?

Where do you draw
the line on lying online? A common practise in most chat rooms is a request for
"stats". You are being asked for your - age/gender/location.

While age
and gender can be harmless to give out in most instances giving out your
location is not appropriate. You should be as vague as possible - only giving
out country - or province/state. Never give out specific town/city information
or specific home addresses. Is this lying?


Again, for safety
reasons you should never give out your location to strangers online. This tiny
bit of information, that can seem harmless enables strangers to track you.

Does it stop here?

You should always protect yourself online
when it comes to personal information - anything that makes you feel
uncomfortable answering does NOT have to be answered. This is not lying.

For some though, the anonymity of the Internet (hiding behind a
nickname) allows you to make up just about any lie you want. How will anyone
know if you are telling the truth?

You could be anyone one you want, you
could be rich or poor, know famous people or have an uncle who is a race car
driver, you could be the smartest kid in your class, or you could be suffering
from a terrible disease. You could create some pretty "out there" stories about
yourself - and who would be the wiser? Is that lying?

In my opinion, Yes

Living lies, even online, can be a pretty big burden. You need to
remember who you told what to and the details of your lie - and as you tell it
will grow and grow until soon you won't know the truth from lies. Covering up
these lies and creating bigger ones to cover up those ones, is an awful lot of
work. Soon, you will be hiding from people because you can't remember your own

Sooner or later you will be caught in your web of lies. You will
trip up and someone will question you. This can be both embarrassing and
humbling. Is it worth it?

For the most part, honesty online - and in
chat rooms - is a good thing. It is much easier to develop a friendship with
other people based on truth rather then lies.

Try to give people the
benefit of the doubt when talking online. If someone says something you might
normally question, allow them to prove their sincerity before accusing them of
lying. Who knows, you could meet someone rich, famous, poor or hungry, an
Olympic champion or someone struggling with a disease.

We are all unique
strangers online. Once you get to know people online you will begin to be able
to sort the lies from the truth. Being lied to can hurt. Think about that before
you make up a story online, and ask yourself......

is it worth it?

Well, now I know I was not urinating off the pot to bad, when I naively went on with big dissertations as to who I was at chat rooms, and most recently some subscribed groups I belong to. I found it fascinating to read some comments and follow conversations online... It is truly a miracle, that, throughout life, some people survive in this world who utilize their extra brain power to machiavelize their own way into a successful job, enterprise or just casual conversation with the public, customers, peers, colleagues or cyber acquaintances. I always knew honesty to be the best policy, however, my untested guess is that people are more and more resorting to not being who they are so they can "succeed" at whatever it is they are pursuing...Usually I have found out to be money, our most currently powerful paradigm these days...

Monday, June 13, 2005


Ok. Just read an article about boredom. I was looking forward to learning more about mind power and came across boredom. I have not had the "operations " to be bored in the last few months, actually, the last few years. The last time I experienced acute boredom was while working as a security officer, guarding condos and manning their gates. Roving (making regular rounds to monitor the guarded properties was not that much of a boring task. It actually kept me alert, entertained and ready to be catapulted into action. That actually never happened, thank God.
I used to get bored a lot when growing up too. Fortunately, I had a more than sufficient supply of food clothing and shelter and did not really get the opportunity to work out of necessity. I say did not get the opportunity, because I really feel that if I would have had the necessity of working, I would have not grown up to be as slothful as I sometimes know I am.
Actually my sloth time is filled with a lot of information gathering and with "research" into several different topics I am attracted to. I like introspection. I like figuring out things and I also like keeping busy. I however have not found a niche out there that can utilize my capable skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to tackle challenging situations without having to resort to unreal and imaginary protocols and modus operandi.
So, in conclusion. Bored? nah... Boredom could be a problem if and when I get those jobs where there are only 3 or 4 routine activities and the rest of the time needs to be spent in long waiting hours until the next customer shows up.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Success is in the heart.

Live simply. Enjoy the now. Pray. Meditate. Help others. Go with the flow. Accept. Dream. Do. Change. Work. Rest. Play. Relax. Love…

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The way it is for me...

I am true to myself before I can be true to others. I am a being with infinite possibilities laid out at my feet, just as much as you are. It does not matter where you are or where I am. We are all made out of the same star matter. What I think affects me and my reality.
With this said and done, maybe, just maybe it is the same way for you…
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Global thinking

This is the greatest tool since the onset of the internet!