Monday, June 13, 2005


Ok. Just read an article about boredom. I was looking forward to learning more about mind power and came across boredom. I have not had the "operations " to be bored in the last few months, actually, the last few years. The last time I experienced acute boredom was while working as a security officer, guarding condos and manning their gates. Roving (making regular rounds to monitor the guarded properties was not that much of a boring task. It actually kept me alert, entertained and ready to be catapulted into action. That actually never happened, thank God.
I used to get bored a lot when growing up too. Fortunately, I had a more than sufficient supply of food clothing and shelter and did not really get the opportunity to work out of necessity. I say did not get the opportunity, because I really feel that if I would have had the necessity of working, I would have not grown up to be as slothful as I sometimes know I am.
Actually my sloth time is filled with a lot of information gathering and with "research" into several different topics I am attracted to. I like introspection. I like figuring out things and I also like keeping busy. I however have not found a niche out there that can utilize my capable skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to tackle challenging situations without having to resort to unreal and imaginary protocols and modus operandi.
So, in conclusion. Bored? nah... Boredom could be a problem if and when I get those jobs where there are only 3 or 4 routine activities and the rest of the time needs to be spent in long waiting hours until the next customer shows up.

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