Friday, July 08, 2005

cnvc:: Marshall B. Rosenberg on 9/11

"To create short-term safety, we will need to protect ourselves from further threat. This may include actions taken in, what I call, the “protective use of force.” We may need to capture and imprison the perpetrators so that they cannot attack us again. And we may even have to kill some of them if we can't otherwise restrain them.

But, for the long-term, we also need to begin creating lasting safety and peace in the world. Our leaders need to establish relationships that will give rise to true and permanent cooperation between nations. They need to start now to change the circumstances that give rise to violent behavior. The wealthy countries of the world need to work together to create a world where all people have access to basic life-serving resources and protection for their human rights—where all people are safe and free, and have the opportunity to create a satisfying life.

If there is an answer to the enormous problem before us, it is to seek solutions that will meet the needs of all concerned. This is not utopian idealism. I have seen such solutions created—over and over again—around the world."

—Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
cnvc:: Marshall B. Rosenberg on 9/11

I definitely agree with Dr. Rosenberg. I come from a Martial Arts background. Bullies sometimes do not understand the language that most human beings talk with, the language of reason, the heart, or whatever you decide you want to call it. They do understand the same stimuli that they put out and that is sometimes a deterrent to prevent them from continuing to bully around. If there is no reaction to their actions in their same "language" they may never learn that what they do is wrong...
So, I do not know how to quantify the short run, but the protective use of force must be taken before it escalates even more.

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DagneyT said...

Creating functioning democracies is our best defense. Getting rid of despots is right up there at the top of the list, as well. Giving more of said despots "aid" to add to their private pots, while inflicting genocide on their populace is at the top of the "worst tactics" list! I was recently speaking with an Ethiopian refugee at our Orthodox Church, he begged that we not send more aid. "We are hard workers. Do not add "aid and comfort" to Ethiopia. Just give us a chance to work!" He started out washing cars, and has now built a chain of car washes. Great proof to his point!