Friday, July 22, 2005

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100,000 Members, Trackback, More goodies

Around 11AM EST today, we flew past the 100,000 registered member milestone! I want to thank all the members, moderators, premium users, and all the people who helped make HaloScan the largest commenting system on the net. Thanks for all the help, suggestions, complements and support you all have contributed to bring HaloScan where it is today.

Now you all may be thinking, what next? Are the HaloScan guys going to sit around twiddling their thumbs now that we've gotten this far? Absolutely not! In fact, today we launch the next phase in the HaloScan service...


Trackback and commenting go hand in hand, especially in the weblog community, but unfortunately, there hasn't been an easy way for Blogger, Blogspot, Diaryland, Diary-X, iBlog, Newspro, Pitas, and many other weblog users to implement trackback capabilities until now.

HaloScan fills this need by providing you not only with the (free) commenting services we have provided for the last one and half years, but also easy, seamless integration of trackback services (both incoming and outgoing ping support) to all existing and future Haloscan members. All this at the unbeatable price of $0.00--FREE. Getting started requires minimal work--sign up, log in and follow the simple, two-step directions to install trackback and/or commenting into your weblog. We highly recommend that all existing and new users install both the commenting and trackback services but you can also install just one or the other as needed. If you have trouble with any part of this process, we'll be glad to help! Also, be sure to send a trackback ping to this post if you install the trackback system or write about us in your weblog.

The trackback system could not have been developed as quickly as it has been without the assistance/expertise/support of Pete Holiday. Pete explains how all this came about better than I do but basically, he created the remote trackback proof of"

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