Thursday, July 14, 2005

July 14, 2005
By godsdragon

Ok. Deciding where to blog next.
I did not think it was going to be too hard. There were a lot of choices out there. There is also the following questions:

1.Is it easy to post pictures.
2.Am I able to categorize my posts (this is probably the most important characteristic I am considering when thinking about a new blog platform.
3.Is it easy to upload banners, affiliate buttons and other trinkets.
4.What are prices in general. Do they charge monthly, yearly? a one time payment?
5.Am I going to get my money's worth if I purchase a subscription versus continuing to use "free" services such as this one, or Blogger, or MSN Spaces
6.Should I get the usual web page I was accustomed to?
7.What about speed and quality of services
8.Is there staff helping behind the lines?
9.How many blogs do I really want to have and update?
10.Is all this crap really worth the agravation?
11.Will I be able to make some money blogging?
12.What's going to happen when my real business picks up.

Ok then so these are the questions that are lingering in my mind. My next step is to get the committe upstairs to get going and research the options...

Posted on: Thu, Jul 14 2005 1:20 AM

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