Friday, July 08, 2005

Feedster (sf) RSS Search : fight terror

Awareness, Education, Action...
This is a good place to start nipping this terror thing in the bud!

Feedster (sf) RSS Search : fight terror

Quoting from another source, I found these other statement(s), which support my AEA motto:

Emphasize information sharing. Openness can further security. Quickly
identifying terrorist threats and infrastructure vulnerabilities calls for
cooperative, fluid information networks. Reducing barriers to
information-sharing rather than compartmentalizing secrets represents the
greatest challenge in fostering such networks. State and local governments, the
private sector, and the public have a central role to play in identifying
suspicious activities and individuals and in finding and correcting security
vulnerabilities. Sharing information about threats and infrastructure
vulnerabilities enhances security by multiplying sources of information,
empowering Americans to make their own choices about what risks they are
prepared to accept, and creating market incentives and political pressures to
reduce vulnerabilities.
Intelligence to Fight Terrorism

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