Saturday, December 31, 2005

I've seen it all now...!

Here is a perfect example of a stupid criticism of people, places or things...
How in the world is th eplacing of cookies by the NSA different from what has happened in the internet since the invention of the cookies to track you and me on the internet???!
C'mon folks...Give me a break will ya???

Here is the post:

December 29, 2005
Is the NSA a Cookie Monster?/New Year's Greetings

Another lazy post from me while I am traveling....Can you believe that the National Security Agency has been covertly placing cookies on the computers of people who visit its website? With these cookies, the NSA could track the Internet surfing of those visitors. That's what AP is reporting:

The National Security Agency's Internet site has been placing files on visitors' computers that can track their Web surfing activity despite strict federal rules banning most files of that type.

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