Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blogging on myself...

I was thinking about what could I possibly say of my own, at this my "Economics Made Simple" blog.
I thought and I thought and it did not take long before I came up with the idea that it is time to give credit, where credit is due.
First of all, if it would not have been for Blogger.com, I would not have been able to create not only this, but other few blogs I have expressed myself with.
The first one in the list is "Life and Living For Real". It is a blog basically about my thoughts, but it is also a blog to allow you, the reader to perhaps grab onto a post that you can relate with and perhaps help make your life a little better as a result of having come across it. I know, you say, but you just want to benefit your ego and yourself by writing about you. And my answer is, well, maybe that is the case, it was not my intention to create more value for my own ego than the intention of having you relate to my issues and causes and thereby make a friend or two in the process. Well, you could be right. I am selfish, selfcentered, and I want what I want when I want it. But my motives were not too different than the average blog writer. Please correct me if I am wrong... And, with what I have been reading lately, I hope I can move in the direction of focusing more on you, the reader.
Anyway, there are other blogs in the roster of blogger.com: Internet for People like Us, Asi es La Vida, Links for all, and my 2 newest ones: B+, which is a team blog, and Beach Blog.
I am grateful to Blogger.com, again and again, for allowing me to have been able to speak my mind so that not only I but you, the reader perhaps benefits from something I have posted, said in my own words or came across that has made an impact in my life and lifestyle. Of course, there are numerous other sites thatI have found worthy of my including them on each and everyone of those sites. All the sites are is not only the result of my thinking, but of th ethinking of numerous people to whom I have given, and still give them credit for where I am at in mind and spirit.
There is definitely a therapeutic value to writing and journaling, but that value is increased tenfold when I focus my efforts on your needs and wants.
I will be talking more about other sites and valuable insights I have gained as a result of the weblogging trends I have followed for the past few months...
Thank you for reading.

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