Friday, March 17, 2006

Hostility on all sides - World -

Hostility on all sides - World - "Hostility on all sides
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American are blaming their President for the country's tarnished image on the world stage, writes Michael Gawenda.

Stress shows George Bush has aged visibly since the start of the war.
Photo: Reuters
AMERICA is at war.
This is a wartime national security strategy required by the grave challenges we face This strategy reflects our most solemn obligation: to protect the security of the American people.'
George Bush, on the third anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq, now looks and sounds like a president who goes to bed at night and wakes wondering whether, in the face of yet another crisis in Iraq - more sectarian violence, more atrocities, more dead US soldiers - the patience he has asked for from Americans will be forthcoming.
The Bush swagger - that strange stiff-shouldered walk, chest out, arms by his side - is now rarely seen. Bush looks more gaunt, his hair greyer than it was a year ago, the easy banter with the media and with the carefully selected audiences for his speeches, mostly gone. There is little to joke about."

UNITED WE STAND. divided...I say: screw you then, i will still stand with our fearless warrior!

Keung Ye! Mister President!

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