Thursday, August 24, 2006

From Sitaram's writing pad...

There is a joke in which someone is shown a vision of hell, and he sees a long table at which are seated people with very
long spoons bound to their hands, far to long to reach the plate of food set
before them, so all are frustrated in their inability to feed themselves, and
slowly die of starvation. Then, he is shown a vision of heaven. He sees the SAME long table, and people with long spoons tied to their hands, BUT the difference is that each person dips his spoon into the plate of his neighbor across the table, and then places the food in his neighbor's mouth, so all are fed and satisfied. Sometimes I suspect that right and wrong, good and evil, are the same banquet, with the same utensils, but everything depends on how we choose to deal with the situation; on how we play our hand, the cards which have been dealt to us.

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