Monday, August 21, 2006

A little crazy...aren't we all?

A blog worth blogging again...

A little crazy...aren't we all?: "It's been brought
to my attention that I have been neglecting to write about my life, and have been boring you all with countless articles and book reviews. Sorry about that. I guess I really didn't think that I had that much of a following? So WHY have I been passing the buck? The articles I have come across interested me so I thought I'd pass them on. The book reviews? The same. I want to share.

But yeah, I have been passing the buck. For good reason? Not really. I find that I write more when I am depressed, thus presenting only one side of the story. I mean, I AM BIPOLAR if you hadn't noticed. Who has time to write then they're feeling good or better-than-good-hypomanic?

So let me run with that for a moment. I write when I'm depressed. I write about the bad in life. I write about the deepest darkest things I want out of my head. I put it all right there on the internet for you to read. Then I write a more normal post and I find I'm under attack. Thanks Mr. Scrabble!"

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