Friday, August 26, 2005

Great inspiration for Life and Living...For Real!

I have met some great folks I have done business with. I have met not so great folks doing business with. I also am here to tell you that in spite of it all, I've come out on the other side of the experience(s), having learned something new and exciting. I can take this knowledge with me, in my personal life, as well as my business and career. I also have learned that sharing what I know and sharing who I am is the key to a lot of good things in life, of course, other factors are at work as it pertains to "sharing" of one's self. There is a risk involved, there are misunderstandings and there are disappointments, but there is also courage, there is understanding and there is ...
The article that follows comes from a truly exceptional company, with truly exceptional folks behind it all. It is only overdue that I brag some about them, so here it is...

The Coaches Corner-- with Katharine Giovanni

Bryan Golden is right! Never ever give up on your dream! Persistence is the key here. In fact, it's how Ron and I got where we are today. Persistence and we trusted our intuition.
Intuition is that little inner voice that everyone hears. Everyone on the planet has a different label for it. Some men call it 'their gut.' Women call it 'women's intuition.' Other people have a spiritual name for it. It really doesn't matter what you call it. Whatever label you put on it, it's your inner lighthouse that guides your way in life. You all know what I'm talking about. In fact, I'll be willing to bet every one of you out there that whenever you listen to your 'gut instinct' you are right 10 out of 10 times. Am I right? It's when your brain talks you out of it that life gets interesting.
Intuition is the key ... and I can prove it."
When that horrible Tsunami hit a while back did you know that NOT ONE animal died? NOT ONE! Incredible right? Their intuition told them to move to high ground one day and they did. They didn't argue with their intuition nor did they ignore it. In fact, I read that the elephants were scooping up children and putting them on their backs while moving toward higher ground. How did they know to do that? They listened to their intuition and immediately acted on it.

Humans are different. When our intuition tells us something, our brain immediately kicks in and starts to talk us out of it. Especially if it's something that we would not normally think or do. Our brains tell us ... No, I couldn't possibly do that! Hmmm ... did the elephants do that? No. They trusted what their intuition told them. I really do think that animals are much smarter than we are.

So listen to your intuition.

Trust your instincts!!!

Trust your gut feelings!!


And never ever ever give up!!!

Keep going! One day at a time if you have to. Just keep going!

Your intuition knows where it's going. Trust it. It will take you to higher ground.

Until next time,


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